Recruitment Information

Panhellenic Recruitment

Each year, our Panhellenic council sponsors two sorority-life wide recruitment periods, one in the fall, one in the spring, called "formal recruitment". During this recruitment period, potential new members (or PNMs) will get to know all five sororities on campus: Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Rho Omega, Beta Phi Gamma, and Gamma Delta Sigma. (Mu Sigma Upsilon is part of the Cultural Greek Council, and does not participate in Lycoming Panhellenics, but we encourage you to meet them as well through their own recruitment events if you are interested!)

To participate in formal recruitment, keep an eye on your Lycoming email! You will receive an interest form from the Lycoming Panhellenic Council. If you have any questions about formal recruitment, you can reach out to us at our contact us page, to any member of the Lycoming Panhellenic Council, or to Lycoming Student Involvement.

For more information on Lycoming College FSL, click here!

Continuous Open Bidding

Are you too busy to participate in formal recruitment, or have you just decided that Greek life is for you after all? You're not too late. There is a second period of recruitment called "Continuous Open Bidding" or "COB", where you can still receive and accept bids from organizations on campus. To participate in COB, contact any sister of the sororities you are interested in or visit the organization's social media pages for event information.

Statements on Diversity and Inclusivity

We understand that, for many, Greek life does not feel catered toward them. Many Greek life organizations have, in the past, been only for straight white women. While we cannot change the history behind Greek life, we can change the present. We strive to create an environment where ALL women feel included, safe, and welcome, not just the women that fit a certain mold.

As members of Alpha Sigma Tau, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment that does not discriminate based on race, age, sexual orientation, etc. Sisterhood is not based on the way one looks or identifies, but on the bond you create. That being said, we will never ask you for any information other than your Student ID Number to access your Grade Point Average (as academics are the most important thing in any college experience) for eligibility for a bid. We do not require letters of recommendation, family history within the sorority, financial information, etc. in order to be considered. We understand that these discriminatory practices are still in effect for some Greek organizations that are not on this campus, and we want you to know that we do not side with intolerance.

Currently, on the national platform, our sorority is creating a committee (the Sorority Advisory Committee) to further research the injustices against women of color by Greek life and by Alpha Sigma Tau specifically so that we can create a more welcoming environment.

If you have further questions about inclusivity in Alpha Sigma Tau or in Greek life in general, we want to talk with you! Our inbox is always open.

To read about the Sorority Advisory Committee, click here.

Values Based Recruitment

What is values based recruitment? The answer is simple! In order to choose who receives bids, we evaluate how each Potential New Member fits our five values: Graciousness, Respect, Intellect, Connections, Excellence. These are the five traits each member of Alpha Sigma Tau has and portrays in different ways. Because we participate in values based recruitment techniques, we are ensuring that we are only picking our sisters based off of character and character alone.

Are you a Freshman?

At Lycoming, first year students are not eligible to join any Greek organization until their second semester (generally Spring of their freshman year). We appreciate your interest! Even though you cannot join a sorority until Spring Formal Recruitment, we would love to hear from you!