Why Alpha Sigma Tau?

Read about why some of our sisters decided to join our organization!


    Amanda Passiglia, '22

    Beta Eta Class

    "I felt close with all of the women in the sorority and felt like we had a sisterly bond before I even joined. I appreciate what Alpha Sigma Tau stands for and how they represent themselves. Furthermore, joining a sorority was a gateway to leadership opportunities and contributing to the campus!"

  • Ciara

    Ciara Marsh, '23

    Beta Iota Class

    "I chose AST because the girls are really sweet. When I showed up in the lounge for the first time, I felt right at home and comfortable. The sorority has a great philanthropy that I support, and I'm excited to be a part of AST."

  • Taylor

    Taylor O'Brien, '19

    Beta Delta Class

    "I wanted to feel connected to my college community, and Alpha Sigma Tau is an amazing way to get in the loop. After taking leadership opportunities through AST, I was able to interact with other leaders on campus and the organizations they represent. Together, we worked to bring change to campus and made life-long friendships in the process!"

  • Emily

    Emily Shirey, '23

    Beta Iota Class

    "I chose AST because from the moment I stepped foot into the lounge I felt at home. After being in the lounge and talking with the sisters and getting to know them, I felt supported and as though I would be able to create lasting relationships with them. All of the sisters are friendly and encourage each other to do their best, aligning with the values I hold closest to myself."

  • Kiera

    Kiera Vinson, '22

    Beta Theta Class

    "I chose AST because all of the girls seemed so down to earth, funny, and apologetically themselves. I felt welcomed without hesitation and there hasn't been a moment since where I haven't felt completely at home. On top of it all, the focus on academics and how smart everyone is pushes me to keep my grades up."

  • Alex2

    Alex Miller, '23

    Beta Iota Class

    "I chose AST because I clicked really well with all of the sisters at the different events they hosted. They're all so unique and fun, but when they came together and did things as a group, it made things feel like a family. From the moment I stepped foot in their doors, they treated me like one of their own. It was amazing to find somewhere on campus that I felt so at home with."

  • Bev

    Beverly Avila Lara

    Beta Zeta Class

    "I chose AST because AST gave me the home I've been dreaming of ever since I've come to Lycoming. AST gave me the opportunity to learn what it means to be a woman and how women can empower others through a bond no one can sever. I have historically had a hard time creating bonds with other women, but AST taught me how and why these relationships are important and helped me to navigate them. I've gained leadership, motivation, and overall happiness ever since I first joined AST."